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I Got A Red Carpet Makeover And It Was Honestly Kinda Exhausting

I enlisted the help of a celebrity makeup artist, hair guru, and stylist to take me from person not going to the Oscars, to person who probably could sneak in.

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Hello world, Lara here, and I am *not* a celebrity going to the Oscars this weekend. I did, however, get to pretend that I was going to the Oscars by getting ready for the big night just like the real stars/important people do. So come along on this journey with me and see how I went from the Lara on the left, to the Lara on the right.

I started my day at Ole Henriksen Face and Body Spa in West Hollywood, CA. I was immediately given a white robe, a glass of hot tea, and time alone in a meditation room.

Lara Parker for BuzzFeed

I imagine that if I was an actual celebrity who was up for a huge award, I might be slightly stressed. I was not up for a huge award, but it was raining in Los Angeles and I had to drive in it, so I felt like I could kind of relate either way, and I love a good white robe.

Then came the first step in getting red-carpet ready: a bathing ritual.

Lara Parker for BuzzFeed

It sounds super intense when you call it a ritual, and to be honest it kind of was. But I would describe it as a rich person's bath. The tub is infused with essential oils and has infrared lights, there are candles burning, there's fresh fruit, cucumber-infused water, and goblets of wine and/or champagne. Actual goblets. Imagine if you could bathe like this every day. In case you were wondering about my experience — I was on my period, cramping like hell, and it was below 60 degrees in Los Angeles, so I sunk right the hell in and enjoyed every single second. The bath would cost $85, in case you were wondering.


Next up was a Wet Room Experience. What's a Wet Room Experience, you ask? I got a full body scrub, then lay naked under towels while five or six shower heads doused me with soft, warm water. It was glorious.

Lara Parker

The room is based on the experience of Ole Henriksen's childhood memories spent playing in the warm rain. Honestly, it was way nicer than being in the actual rain. It's also great for red-carpet ready skin. I also had a honey body wrap, a partial massage, and after it was all said and done, I couldn't tell if I was crying or if it was the fake shower rain. This experience would cost a casual $325.

For the last spa treatment of the day before my big (fake) red-carpet debut, I got the perfectly named Red Carpet Facial. I mean, I had to.

Lara Parker

This facial was designed by Ole Henriksen himself to give anyone red carpet results, even me!!!!! A lot happened during this facial. I had exfoliation, hydration, extraction, LED lights for fine lines and anti-aging, a LHE microphoto treatment for facial texture and up-close photos, and literal human stem cells injected into my skin to provide an even better glow. The full Red Carpet Facial is 80 minutes and is $395.

Four+ hours later, and three spa treatments later, it was time for me to get fully red-carpet ready. First up, hair and makeup.


For my face, I enlisted the help of Exclusive Artist Agency's very own Blondie. She works with Cara Delevigne a lot, and yes, that was a humble brag. She has great eyebrows.

And for my hair, I enlisted the help of Prete, the app for blowouts, and they sent along a stylist from RA Hair House in West Hollywood.

Here's a look at my finished makeup and hair up close:

But to get the complete Oscarworthy look, I of course had to have an outfit. I asked celeb stylist Toni Ferrara to help me out. She's worked with everyone from Kim Kardashian to David Beckham. And she came prepared. There were a lot of gowns.

Macey J. Foronda for BuzzFeed

I was immediately drawn to the golds and reds. But I wanted the dress to pop and make a statement on my (fake) red carpet. Also, I was on my period, and these dresses were probably expensive and also not mine!!! So, red seemed like a good color choice. And once I tried on the one-shoulder'd red dress, it was over.


I also got to wear some very expensive jewelry, as you do.

Lara Parker

I also wore a pale ruby diamond ring. All together the jewelry options she brought to grace my skin totaled around $1.5 million. That's...insane.

Just two hours later (I was shocked it didn't take longer), I was ready for the big reveal:

Spa treatments, hair, clothing, and makeup services were provided to BuzzFeed free of charge.

Gown by @morileeofficial

Jewelry by @PeterMarco90210

Shoes by @ShoeDazzle

Clutch by @Ferragamo