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    I Tried An All-Natural Way To Remove My Pubic Hair And I Feel Alive

    At the ripe age of 28, I decided it was time to see what the hell this removal of ye ole pubic hair was all about.

    Hello, people of the world — Lara here — and until about two weeks ago I had never removed* the pubic hair from my vagina. There was no real reason for this outside of just never making an appointment and also being kind of scared because, sounded painful?

    However, at the ripe age of 28, I decided it was time to see what the hell this removal of ye ole pubic hair was all about. It felt like some sort of life experience that I was missing out on. And also, it's almost summer and I'm goddamn tired of shaving.

    For what it's worth, I am very much of the opinion that pubic hair was put there, you know, for a reason, and you don't need to remove it unless you want to! And if you want to, I fully support you and also admire the fuck out of you because it seems painful!

    Because it is 2019 and the world is our oyster, there are a couple of different options for pubic hair removal. There is, of course, the traditional waxing, but there's also something called sugaring, and the ol' laser hair removal option. Because I'm not ready to fully commit to removing my hair, and because I wanted immediate results, I opted for a waxing or sugaring option. After doing some *research, I decided to pursue the art of sugaring.

    So what *is* sugaring, you may ask? The process is similar to waxing in that both remove the root of your hair follicles giving you smooth, hair-free skin for longer than shaving does. While with waxing, a strip of some sort of material is often used to remove hair in the opposite direction of growth, sugaring removes hair by pulling in the ~natural direction~ of your hair follicles' growth pattern.

    Since I like the idea of a more clean/organic option, less pain, and because I am hopelessly addicted to sugar, I decided to make my way to Sugaring LA.

    When I got there for my appointment, I was immediately taken back to the room where it all happens. Here's what the setup looked like:

    Once in the room, I was instructed to take my pants and undergarments off. I know this probably seems like a no-brainer, but I'm just taking you through the process with me. Then, I lay down on the table. I felt slightly nervous because my vagina was just hanging out and also because I wasn't sure what I was about to get myself into.

    This is my sugaring artist Alecia. She is amazing, and also the only person in the world I think I would be comfortable showing my entire butthole to. That is a very high compliment.

    Here's an up-close picture of the ball of sugar she used to roll my hair off my skin:

    And here's a picture of my face as she removed the first ball of sugar from my skin, thus removing my pubic hair:

    The process is not *not* painful. It's definitely not something I can't handle, and I wasn't screaming. But I definitely felt it. It pretty much feels like what you would imagine your hair being ripped from your body all at once feels like!

    It was a very quick process, and at the end she had me hug my legs into my chest and expose my butthole to her. I was surprised, because I never even thought of someone sugaring that hair, too. But when she said it was a part of it if I wanted it to be, I said, "Hell ya!"

    The whole process really did take 15 minutes or less, and though it was painful during the actual sugaring, I didn't feel lingering pain or irritation after the process was complete. I opted for the extended bikini option as opposed to full Brazilian. A basic bikini sugar would run $47, and an extended bikini comes out to $58. If you're considering hair removal, I would highly recommend sugaring.

    Afterwards, I felt sleek and powerful. My vagina honestly looked beautiful, and I was so pleased with the entire experience that I immediately booked a follow-up appointment in four weeks. I'm a convert.