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How You Act When You're Drunk Vs. When You're High

Either way you want pizza.

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Watching TV When You're Drunk:

Nickelodeon / Via

What the hell is happening on TV right now? Is this making you dizzy? WHY ARE THEY MOVING SO MUCH? HAHAH, he tripped.

Watching TV When You're High:


This has, like, such a deep meaning. Why isn't everyone freaking out about this? This shit is REAL. This is going to change the world.

Talking to People When You're Drunk:


Holy shit, I sound so smart right now. I am impressing everyone. HAHA, everyone laughed. This is so great. FUCK YEAH. Wait, why is everyone walking away? I'M FUNNY.

Talking to People When You're High:


Holy shit how long have I been talking for? :: laughs uncontrollably ::

Walking When You're Drunk:

Bravo / Via

HAHA I'm totally not even drunk. I got this. No one can even tell, probably. WHERE THE HELL DID THAT SIDEWALK COME FROM??

Walking When You're High:


Holy shit this ground is blowing my fucking mind look at that DIRT. This is taking soo long. Maybe I should run. No, no I should walk.

Talking to Your Crush When You're Drunk:



Talking to Your Crush When You're High:


So, have you ever thought about how the ocean always kisses the beach then backs away? I like bread.

Eating When You're Drunk:

Fox Searchlight Pictures / Via

I NEED PIZZA. I need pizza more than I have ever needed anything in my life. But I'm also sooo sleeeeepy. Maybe I'll eat this and then fall asleep on my couch.

Eating When You're High:

Walt Disney TV

THIS IS THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER TASTED. WHAT IS THIS MADE OUT OF? Is this what heaven is like? My body is shaking. I need more. I need more, now.

Tweeting When You're Drunk:

Everything I have to say is relevant and funny.

Tweeting When You're High:

I should inspire some people, because I feel so inspired. I need to start CONVERSATIONS.

Dancing When You're Drunk:

Touchstone Pictures

I didn't even KNOW I could dance like this. My body is amazing. This song is everything. I FEEL THIS MUSIC.

Dancing When You're High:


This is chill af.

Texting When You're Drunk:

Just move your fingers and hope they keep up with your brain. It'll be fine.

Texting When You're High:

Am I the only one who thinks this way? I NEED TO KNOW.

Trying to Sleep When You're Drunk:


I'm so tired I could literally sleep anywhere. Wow, this floor feels exactly like my bed.

Trying to Sleep When You're High:

Fox Searchlight Pictures

Life is so fucking crazy. I can't believe we're all just on this Earth finding our way. What else is out there? Do aliens have anxiety too? I wonder what penguins worry about.

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