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    Jul 28, 2016

    15 Hacks That Will Save You Money At Ulta

    I don't always spend money on makeup. But when I do, it's at Ulta.

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    1. Save your manufacturer's coupons and use them at Ulta.


    OK, let's say you've got a bomb-ass coupon from Almay. You can take that into Ulta and use it there! Just be sure to check Ulta's list of brands that are restricted or excluded from promotions. And contact your local Ulta to double check that they'll accept it.

    2. Make sure you always know about gifts with purchases.

    Ulta / Via

    Sometimes the best part of shopping at Ulta is the free gift with purchase. But not all of them are advertised in store, according to Byrdie, so make sure you check out the site beforehand, too.

    3. Like ULTA on Facebook.


    Sometimes they post deals on their Facebook that don't show up elsewhere. Be ~in the know.~

    4. And while you're at it? Download their app.

    ULTA / Via

    Because seriously, they have some good-ass savings on there sometimes, even if it does take up more storage space.

    5. Don't have enough savings yet? Get Ulta emails in your inbox.


    According to The Frugal Ginger, they'll send out email-only coupons and you might as well get those too.

    6. Use this coupon.

    Ulta / Via

    There's a coupon floating around the internet that gives you $3.50 off your purchase of $15 or more. Not the best, but hey, it's basically free money.

    7. Buy discounted Ulta gift cards.

    msbeautycouture101 / Via

    Sites like and sell people's unwanted gift cards at a slightly discounted price. You know all your money goes to Ulta anyway.

    8. Check their ads! Seriously.

    Ulta / Via

    You can find them on their website, and there are some serious hidden gems.

    9. Make sure you get that birthday gift.

    ourkookylife / Via

    If you sign up to get Ulta Beauty emails, they'll send you a coupon that you can use for a free present! And if you're a Platinum member, you get ANOTHER GIFT.

    10. You can return stuff. Really.

    Ulta Beauty / Via Facebook: UltaBeauty

    Was that liquid lipstick a little too dry for you? Not to worry! You have 60 days to return your items. And if you received a free gift with your purchase, you get to keep it.

    11. Ask about inventory.

    ulta1124 / Via

    According to this former Ulta Beauty employee, there are tons of clearance items after stores do inventory. Ask your favorite employees when they're doing inventory and grab those clearance items after!

    12. Sign up for the rewards program!

    drealuvzmakeup / Via

    For every dollar you spend, you get a point, and points are good for a whole year. Redeeming your points will earn you some money off your purchases. Oh, and if you spend $450 in a year, you'll reach Platinum status, which means you get 1.25 points for every dollar you spend.

    13. Hoard the hell out of your points.

    krabkitty / Via

    According to reddit user hothotvolcano, it's way better to save your Ulta points until you get a huge number instead of spending small amounts.

    14. Make sure you always know when their 21 Days of Beauty sale returns.

    @alovetart / Via

    These 21 days are packed full of savings, savings, savings. You can check by visiting the website here.

    15. Use the salon to rack up points faster.

    1miss_christine / Via

    If you need to get your hair, nails, and brows done anyways, spend that money at Ulta. They sometimes even have HUGE multipliers on points for those services. It'll earn you points very fast, and more points means more savings!

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