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    24 Feminist Tattoos That'll Make You Want To Get Inked

    Girl power.

    1. This simple yet powerful message:

    @nicolole / Artist: Chris Lockhart / Via

    "Grl Pwr"

    2. This beautiful bouquet with an even more beautiful message:

    @mrfishink / Mister Fish / Via

    "They Rise"

    3. This creative take on the Venus symbol:

    @tattoodasmina / artist: / Via

    4. And this extra creative way to flip someone off:

    @kaylavdb / artist: @alejandro_paiva_lopez / Via

    5. This message to everyone, everywhere:

    @ahventura / artist: avasix6 / Via

    "Not Yours"

    6. This feisty, long-nailed beauty reminding you to never stop fighting:

    @uvethekid / Via

    7. This statement accompanied by a chic flower:

    @danibabs8 / artist: @brilliancetattoo / Via


    8. This reminder that feminism isn't feminism unless it's intersectional:

    @ailishissocool / @sunflowerrz / Via

    9. This subtle yet inspiring symbol:

    @savnar / Via

    10. This powerful truth: / Via

    "My Body, My Rules"

    11. This obvious yet important reminder:

    @xaviertattooart / Via

    "No means no"

    12. This fiery statement in an even more fiery spot:

    @lilyoxo / Via

    "Burn the bra"

    13. This masterpiece:

    @lhommequivoitloin / Via

    "Male tears"

    14. This sweet heart around a badass label:

    @marianmachismo / Via

    15. This iconic gravestone:

    16. This gentle reminder:

    @pmacdonaldtattoo / Via

    "We deserve better"

    17. This ode to Frida Kahlo:

    @femininktattoo / Via

    18. This powerful statement:

    @ratchet_x / artist: Crucible Tattoo Co. / Via

    "Still not asking for it"

    19. This beautiful masterpiece:

    @pmacdonaldtattoo / Via

    20. This gentle reminder:

    @misssassykassie / artist: @outerlimitstattoo / Via

    "fight the patriarchy"

    21. And also this reminder:

    @doerpinator / Via

    "Not yours, never was"

    22. This colorful twist on the Venus symbol:

    @amandaroosevelt / Kaleidoscope Studio / Via

    23. This permission to be free:

    @humanrind / words by: @blondtron / Via

    "Set your pussy free"

    24. And this club that we all want to be a part of:

    @livhopej / Via

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