27 Gchats Everyone Who Works In An Office Has Definitely Sent

    I need coffee.

    1. When someone is making lunch and it causes the entire office to reek:

    2. When your boss walks by your screen:

    3. When you are fed up and it's only 10 a.m.:

    4. When you overhear some office gossip:

    5. And when you have juicy gossip but it's WAY too much to type:

    6. When you're procrastinating and want someone to procrastinate with you:

    7. When your cube mate is chewing and you can't help but hear it:

    8. When you spot a hottie and need to spread the word:

    9. When you are WAY too scared that HR is actually looking at your message history:

    10. When you can't wait to get your drink on:

    11. When you need someone to understand your annoyance level:

    12. When you've done literally nothing with your day:

    13. When someone brings food into the office:

    14. When someone thought they were starring in an Axe commercial:

    15. When you're really feeling the Monday blues:

    16. And when you stayed up too late watching the new Scientology documentary:

    17. When you had to stop on every floor during your elevator ride:

    18. When that one co-worker won't stop talking:

    19. When someone didn't pay attention to the name on your lunch bag:

    20. When you had to clean up dirty dishes, again:

    21. When not even your headphones can save you:

    22. When you realize that you just ate 17 mini Snicker bars:

    23. When you're in the middle of a meeting and can't take it anymore:

    24. When you're about to bring your parka into work:

    25. When you let out your paranoia:

    26. When you are discussing your work prospects:

    27. And when you realize that you Gchat WAY TOO DAMN MUCH: