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    18 "Friday Night Lights" Products That Will Make You Miss Dillon

    Clear eyes...

    1. This mug to inspire you when Coach Taylor isn't around.

    2. This shirt to pay tribute to all your favorite men.

    3. Or this tank with Coach Taylor's face on it, because why not?

    4. This inspiring decoration for your apartment.

    5. This print to always remind you of Tim Riggins.

    6. This adorable pillow to hug and cry on when Coach gives a speech.

    7. This vintage-looking Dillon Panthers T-shirt to help you always support your team.

    8. This phone case that will make your heart soar every time you take out your phone.

    9. Or this phone case with a geometric twist.

    10. This T-shirt that will help you solve all of life's problems.

    11. Or a water bottle that will also help you solve life's problems while keeping you hydrated on Friday nights.

    12. These buttons to help deck out any outfit with Panther or Lion pride.

    13. This T-shirt with #1 bae Tim Riggins' face.

    14. This tote that will provide the muscles of Tim Riggins to help carry all your shit.

    15. This T-shirt that will make you feel like you're from Texas even when you're not.

    16. This reminder card that essentially everyone needs.

    Price: $4.50

    17. These greeting cards perfect for sending to all your fellow Panthers.

    18. And, when all else fails, this classic T-shirt that will always be there to help you show school spirit.

    Holy shit, we miss this show.