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It's Time To Talk About How Good Olive Garden Is

A national treasure.

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I like food. You like food. We all like food. But it's time we talk about some of the best food. The time has come for us as a nation to stand up and recognize one of this century's greatest treasures: Olive Garden.

"What's that?" the haters say. "It's not even real Italian food?" Who cares? Let's go over the reasons we love this place.

As you walk up to the entrance you are greeted with lovely (possibly fake) stone to make you feel like you're in the middle of Italy, even though you're next to a strip mall.


But it isn't all they give you! It isn't! Because they then proceed to give you a HUGE BOWL full of delicious salad.

manthaloves / Via

I know that normally "delicious" and "salad" wouldn't be next to each other...BUT AT OLIVE GARDEN THEY ARE.


Worried about washing all that cheese down your throat? At Olive Garden, you never are because they don't fuck around with their drinks.

actually_itsashleigh / Via

Don't even bother trying to drink water ever again. It won't be good enough.


If you somehow still have room for dessert after all of that, you are not only a hero but you are also in for a treat of delectable sweets.

wrapuskinnybykim / Via

Do you remember your first bite of Olive Garden dessert? DO YOU?

** starts drooling **