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17 Exes That Are Way Worse Than Yours

You'll never find anyone like me! That's the point.

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1. This ex who offered some free advice:

2. This ex with the nicknames:

3. This ex asking for the relationship back:

4. This ex who texted about their private parts:

5. This ex trying to ruin pizza for everyone:

6. This ex who refuses to pay for their own Netflix account:

7. This ex who didn't get the memo:

8. This ex who should have just gone to sleep:


9. This ex with the bold-faced lies:

10. This ex asking the dumb questions:

11. This ex whose apology was too little too late:

12. This ex who clearly DID NOT pay attention:


13. This ex that doesn't play around:

14. This ex who just doesn't get it:

15. This ex who just realized their mistake:

16. This ex who thought caffeine would make things better:

17. And this ex who really should come up with better insults: