19 Emojis That Are Better In Real Life

:: insert poop emoji here ::

We found your inspiration, Apple.

She basically CREATED the dancing emoji.

Nailed it.

Does this boat know there’s an emoji BASED OFF OF IT?

Basically the emoji for when pizza is in sight.

6. Crying Face

TOTALLY realistic tears.

100% spot on.

The perfect IRL emoji for when someone comes into work sick.


Still haven’t forgiven this emoji from Mario Kart days.

11. Painting Nails


12. Information Desk Helper

Can I help you?


14. Man Running

15. Man and Woman Holding Hands

The perfect IRL emoji for when you want to play Red Rover.

Never use this emoji right after a first date.

17. Men Holding Hands

The resemblance is uncanny.

18. Heart Eyed Cat Emoji

This emoji is perfect for LITERALLY any situation.

19. Smiling Poop

:: bows down to this perfect pudding emoji creation ::

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