24 Times Chrissy Teigen And John Legend Restored Our Faith In Love

    Relationship goals.

    This is Chrissy Teigen and John Legend AKA everyone's relationship goals. They routinely restore our faith in love.

    1. Like the time they posed like this on a couch in London.

    2. The time they laid in bed together until 3 p.m.

    At 10:46am, then 2:43pm. Will update any further changes.

    3. Then decided to go ahead and stay in bed until nearly 9 p.m.

    8:43pm update. Same spot. New additions. Have not showered or put on clothing.

    4. And then decided to order pizza so that they could remain in bed, but eat pizza while doing so.

    They just really get it. 🍕

    5. The time they held hands while wearing each other's face masks and were still the cutest couple.

    6. The time Chrissy called John out for favoriting her tweets while he was in the bathroom.

    @johnlegend I see you liking my tweets from the bathroom

    7. The time when Chrissy uploaded this picture and said she had never been prouder in her life and we all felt the same way.

    8. Then when Chrissy was so proud of John for winning an Academy Award that she couldn't even type a caption and we were like 😢.

    9. And then the time that they went to sleep next to John's award. 💅

    10. The time they posed like they were going to prom at a vineyard.

    11. And the time when Chrissy was live-tweeting about John being drunk.

    John is so drunk he keeps humming 50 cent


    12. The time they somehow confiscated a security guard's equipment and decided to pose with it.

    13. The time they danced and sang together at an awards show.

    14. And the time they took a mirror selfie and didn't give AF if an iron was in it.

    15. The time they starred together in John's music video, "All of Me."

    16. The time they did this dance in a Waffle House.

    17. The time they took a cooking class together and Chrissy wiped John's eyes for him.

    18. The time they went on a Christmas vacation for two and took this selfie.

    19. The time they cheered for the same team together and wore matching shirts.

    20. And then the time they laid on fake grass for seemingly no reason other than to make all of our hearts burst. 😻

    21. The time they walked hand-in-hand and we wouldn't have even cared if we were stuck behind them on a sidewalk.

    22. The time Chrissy put John's nose in her mouth and it wasn't even gross.

    23. The time John uploaded this photo with the caption "bae."

    24. And basically, every time that they have ever done anything together.