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    21 Cats Who Really Regret Their Decisions

    Meow what?

    1. This cat who has low self-esteem:

    2. This cat who just really, really wanted to look outside:

    3. And this cat who really just HAD to see outside:

    4. And this cat who just really had to pee:

    5. This cat who wanted to lie on the bed and didn't give AF about the sheets until it was too late:

    6. This cat who didn't realize what it had until it was gone:

    7. And this cat who just wanted to go outside, but didn't realize it was winter:

    8. This cat who was too lazy to care:

    9. This cat who just wanted to say goodbye but didn't think it through:

    10. And this cat who also wishes it could read:

    11. This cat who is just trying to relax but can't:

    12. This cat who definitely doesn't have its medicinal marijuana card:

    13. This cat who underestimated the strength of humans:

    14. This cat who didn't realize what lizards taste like before it was too late:

    15. This cat who feels betrayed by its prized possession:

    16. This cat who definitely didn't think this through:

    17. This cat who sat on the scale after dinner:

    18. This cat who thought a pan was a good place to nap:

    19. This cat who just wanted to know what the kid kept putting in his mouth:

    20. This cat who doesn't even know what it was trying to do:

    21. And this cat who was just trying to cool off:

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