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21 Pictures You'll Get If You've Ever Had Blood Come Out Of Your Vagina

We're not ovary-reacting.

1. When your period shows the hell up three days early:

2. When it's the first full day of your period and you just need a goddamn nap:

3. When you put a tampon in but you're kinda dry and you try to walk afterwards:

4. When you can tell you bled through your tampon so you maneuver your body very carefully until you can get to the bathroom:

5. When you've washed your face religiously but wake up with five new pimples anyway:

6. When you can't tell if you started your period or your vagina is just discharging:

7. When you get a whiff of your used tampon:

8. When you wake up in the morning to find out that you bled all over your bedsheets:

9. When you pray to everything holy that your period will end soon:

10. When you haven't bled for 24 hours so you don't wear a pad and then you feel blood trickle out of your vagina:

11. When someone breathes next to you while you're on your period:

12. When you're bloated as fuck and decide not to move ever again:

13. When you think about how much you've eaten in the last seven days:

14. When you sneeze:

15. When you look in the toilet to see how much blood you've lost:

16. When the period diarrhea hits you hard:

17. When you take out a dry tampon:

18. When you run out of pads and are forced to create a makeshift pad out of toilet paper:

19. When a cramp hits you hard and you wanna die:

20. When you have to pretend you aren't bleeding out of your vagina and everything is fine:

21. And when you think about what a badass bitch you are for living through this every month: