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22 Ways You Know You've Found Your Soulmate In Your BFF

Two bodies, one soul.

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1. There are no boundaries when it comes to you two.

2. Like seriously, zero boundaries. And that's fine with you because you have never been more comfortable around anyone else.

3. Your BFF is the one and only person who can cheer you up in literally any situation.

It's like magic.

4. And basically any time you spend together, you'll be laughing for at least 94% of it.

5. There's no such thing as "too many texts" when it comes to your relationship.

6. In fact, you'd be worried if you only got one text from your BFF.

Like, what's wrong? Are you OK? Why didn't you text me 23 times before 10 a.m.?

7. You share more than just secrets, you like to share almost everything with one another.

Twin-sized bed? Come right in. Gotta pee? I won't look.

8. And your BFF is essentially your built-in pillow and support system everywhere you go.

9. You've traveled together and it's only made you love each other more.

Furthering the theory that you should literally do everything together, always.

10. Your BFF is the damn STAR of your Instagram, because you are proud AF and want everyone to know how great they are.

11. You and your BFF "Snapchatted" way before Snapchat was even a thing.

12. And your BFF is the only person who can screenshot your Snapchat without it being creepy.

13. You two have your own texting lingo that only you could decipher.

14. You've basically never had a conversation with someone else without running everything you say by your BFF first.

15. You have a habit of saying the exact same things at the exact same times.

It's like you have ESP or something.

It's like you have ESP or something.

16. You are ALWAYS thinking of one another.

Especially when it comes to drinks and food, duh.

17. And you wouldn't think twice about bending over and tying your BFF's shoe.

It may not seem like a big deal... but IT IS.

18. Attending a social event without your BFF is out of the question.

👭 partners in crime 👭

19. So when you can't physically hang out with each other, you find a way.

And then take screenshots, because duh.

20. They always know exactly what you want... and what you need.

21. Sometimes you swear that you both literally have the same brain.

22. And deep down you know that you were simply meant to be friends...

... forever.

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