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16 iPhone Apps That Will Make Women's Lives Easier

Don't worry, be appy.

1. Clue


This app will track your fertility cycle, period, PMS, and offer information about your female health all in one app. Basically, the app is designed to help you prepare for pregnancy, your period, or mood swings with a better understanding of it all. And it spares you from asking sometimes uncomfortable questions.

2. Period Tracker Lite


This is the free version of a period tracking app. And it does exactly what it says, tracks your period. If that's all you want/need out of an app, this app is perfect for you. It will let you know when your last cycle was, when you should expect to start again, and you can also keep track of your symptoms.

3. ShopSavvy


An app that will help you find the BEST deals on all of your favorite things? Uh, yeah. Please and thanks. You can choose categories such as books, clothing, health and beauty, and home. Then you can even follow specific stores to find deals for the stores you frequent. OH AND IT OFFERS PRICE COMPARISON. Basically, it's heaven. The end.

4. Gilt


Gilt is the app for any woman who lusts over designer clothing but can't always afford it. The app offers deals up to 60% off for designer labels. That's not just clothing, by the way. And if you're feeling NICE you can get the same deals with men and children's products as well. ~ But you are most important. ~

5. Gilt City


GOOD NEWS. There's also the Gilt City app for when you want to go to places/ see things you couldn't normally afford. Spas, restaurants, salons, shows... you name it. All at a significantly lowered price. +1.

6. FidMe


You know when you spend, like, 10 minutes in the checkout line trying to find all your damn coupons and loyalty cards? Yeah, never again. Because this app exists. And this app will house all your coupons and loyalty cards in one app. And it's pretty great, to be frank.

7. Snapguide


Spending hours on Pinterest is great, until you realize you pinned all these recipes and DIY projects with no freaking idea where/how to begin. That's where Snapguide comes in. It will give you STEP BY STEP instructions on how to create DIY projects, cook fantastic food, and even figure out what to do next. Thank you, Snapguide. Thank you.

8. Toilet Finder


Never be without a bathroom again. This app does exactly what it says; finds a toilet for you. And it allows user contribution so if you find a new toilet, you can add it and help others. It's pretty win-win for all of us.

9. myPill®


This app is designed specifically for people who use pill contraceptives. It's, like, sometimes really hard to remember to take the same pill every day at the same time. But this app guarantees that you won't forget to take your pill. YAY!!

10. OPI Nail App


All right, to be honest, this app is just fun. You can try out a ton of different nail colors without ACTUALLY taking the time to paint your nails. And it's cool to know what colors are out there in the world, waiting for you to use them on your nails.

11. Hair Color Booth


Ever thought about changing your hair color but worry that it won't look good? Yeah, I feel that. But with the Hair Color Booth app you can upload a picture of yourself and "try out" different hair colors, for free. If nothing else, it's hella fun and probably better than stalking your ex on social media.

12. Grocery Gadget


Hold back tears, this app is about to save your life. It has your grocery list, it allows you to share said grocery list with other people on other devices, it takes photos, it memorizes aisles, AND it compares prices. Done. Over. :: faints ::

13. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner


Trying to figure out what to make for dinner is one more thing that you DON'T need to worry about, amirite?!? This app does all the work for you. It will give you access to thousands of recipes with everything you could ever possibly want to know about said recipe. There are also member-shared recipes, and there are reviews for most of the recipes. Basically, you can start asking people to refer to you as "Chef."

14. Nike Training Club


We're not all gonna make it to the gym or yoga class every day. Maybe not even every other day. And you know what? That's OK. But if you're feeling like you wanna do something quick, but effective, at home — this app is for you. There are tons of workouts with step-by-step instructions and videos showing you exactly how to do each move. And it hurts so good. Oh, and it's a female fitness community. Which is the ~best~ kind.

15. VSCO Cam®


At one point or another we've all grown tired of the same old Instagram filters to show off our #ootd or latest nail polish color. Luckily for us, VSCO Cam® exists. And it has, arguably, the best filters around. You will never, I mean never, look at photos the same.

16. Square Fx


Ever wonder how people fit cool ass photos on Instagram? Or wonder how fashion bloggers fit their ENTIRE OUTFIT into the little square on Instagram? THIS IS HOW. Instagram is interesting because it is all about appearance so now make your photos even better by not having to cut out your fabulous new shoes. Or your sleek new headband. Either way, you win. Boom. Done. Over. Goodnight.

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