Why Zoobilee Zoo Was A Brilliant Show

Magic and wonder are waiting for you! It’s as close as a dream and as bright as the brightest blue.

The show premiered in 1986 and depicted the lives of seven animals living in a zoo. Every character had their own quirks and special talents, which made it fun to watch and relatable for little kiddies.

2. Mayor Ben was played by Tony Award winner Ben Vereen

3. This beautiful melody was the theme song

4. It taught us about treating people equally

5. The cast was welcoming

6. There was a character named Van Go Lion who was an expert painter

7. They liked to dance

8. Bill Der Beaver..he was a BUILDER.. get it?

9. Bravo Fox.. the resident jerk

If you didn’t watch as a child, go watch it now. It will take on new meaning and will be more amusing than you’d expect.

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