The Most Memorable Neighbors Of The Nineties

Television of the 90s was full of smiles, laughter and fun. You’re next door neighbor could be your best friend, your high school teacher, an annoying acquaintance or your one true love. In the 90s, anything could happen.

1. Mr. Feeny

Oh Feeny. F-ee-EE-nay.
He taught us that life can be tough, that things can go wrong, but in the end, as long as you appreciate the people around you and try your best, you will succeed.

2. Jack “Just Jack” McFarland

He was sassy, he was fierce, he was cray-cray, and he always had your back.

And don’t forget his best asset, his ass.

3. Chandler and Joey

This kind of male intimacy is rare and one that’s hard to ignore. Having them as neighbors was magical.

4. Joey Potter (across the Creek)

She may not have been Dawson’s next door neighbor, but she was across the creek and crawled into bed with him to watch movies and have witty banter. She was THE girl next door, until she fell in love with his best friend…

5. Sam Anders

He was laid back, kind of a space cadet and liked to climb into open rooms up a ladder (much like Joey Potter-see above). He was Clarissa’s best friend and confidant.

6. Eric/Donna

They’ve been next door neighbors since they were toddlers and just happen to fall in love along the way…awww

7. Wilson

Dr. Wilson gives sage advice to the members of the Taylor household, always knowing what to do or say. We never really see Wilson’s full face until final bows in the series finale. He was mysterious, but important and that’s why we loved him.

8. The Barones

Oh Marie and Frank…what to say about this set of overbearing and lovable parents. Marie is often manipulative and selfish, but she’s hilarious and loves her family with all of her heart. Frank loves to eat, complain and crack jokes. He also begrudgingly loves his wife.

9. Kramer

Does Kramer have a job? Of course he does! He’s a neighbor! His trademarks? Cuban cigars, bursts through the door of Jerry’s apartment, his love for nonsensical noise and mannerisms.

10. Steve Urkel

He is the definition of nerd. He has the look down, the voice down, the strange talents down. He’s truly got it all. He’s also deeply in love with is neighbor Laura Winslow, who he eventually woos when he magically/scientifically transforms himself into study Stefan Urquelle. Did he do that? Oh, yes he did.

11. Ned Flanders

His family is annoyingly perfect. He is a devout Christian and is very, very friendly. Basically, he’s the opposite of Homer Simpson. We resent and loathe him, but we can’t help but love him too.

12. Winnie Cooper

Kevin Arnold’s one true love- she’s smart, beautiful and sweet. Who wouldn’t fall in love with her?

13. Kimmy Gibbler

She was very weird and very annoying. Like, why was DJ best friend’s with her? Because to DJ, Kimmy’s like a sister and we love our family for their flaws. Kimmy is endearing, in a strange way.

14. Mr. Rogers

Last but not least, Mr. Rogers, who by all standards, rocks the neighborhood. It’s simply his to rock.

15. it’s all good in the neighborhood

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