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What Was Your First Sydney Mardi Gras Experience?

Fill us in, LGBT party people.

The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade is coming up Saturday, and queer people all over Sydney are getting ready to party.

We all know that every year bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Mardi Gras newbies come away with great stories.

So, what's yours?

Maybe you turned up at noon and waited behind the barricade for eight hours to get a great view of the Dykes on Bikes.

Or maybe you got lost in a crowd of thousands and vowed never to return.

Maybe you spent the night working as a parade volunteer, meeting tourists, drag queens, and LGBT activists along the way.

Or maybe you encountered Ruby Rose in a skin-tight leopard print jumpsuit on the parade route.

Maybe you were inspired to become a lifesaver after seeing this, ah, fit group dance by.

Or maybe you signed up to march with a float and fell in love along the way.

We want to hear all about your first Mardi Gras. Tell your story in the comments area below.