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The Definitive Ranking Of 2015's Aussie April Fools' Day Pranks

Some were fooled, most just cringed.

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26. TV Tonight didn't fool anyone with this sinkhole story.

TV Tonight / Via

25. Sportsbet introduced "LadyBet" for "girls who just wanna have punts". It got a mixed reception.

New Australian bookmaker to open for ladies only: #horseracing #bet

24. And The Roar announced an NRL crackdown on "bogan tattoos".

The Roar / Via

23. Telstra thought customers might like the #PottyMouth Censor, to bleep out those rude relatives and friends.

Facebook: Telstra24x7

22. While the Australian Communications and Media Authority went full Ghostbusters.

Who you gonna call? ACMA’s field operations officer investigates possible interference to mobile networks in #Sydney

21. The Country Fire Authority announced a new siren for emergency vehicles. Is that... Mr Whippy?!

CFA (Country Fire Authority) / Via

20. And Opposition Leader Bill Shorten revealed the new "An Onion A Day Keeps The Doctor Away" campaign. Mmmmm.

Facebook: BillShorten

19. Google Australia/NZ said Australia could be in the Northern Hemisphere by 2055.

Google Maps engineers discover the equator is slipping #equatorgate

18. Hamilton Island Weddings called for "responsible cake segmentation".

17. And the Star Observer said The Big Chalk would be installed in Taylor Square as a monument to the LGBT community.

16. Climate change will "wake sleeping dragons", wrote the Australian Science Media Centre. Obviously.

15. Choice Australia called for a Medicare-type levy for Australian internet users to help retail giants compete online.

Well done, @choiceaustralia #aprilfools

14. The Daily Koala – bearing a suspicious resemblance to – extended Mike Baird's privatisation plans to playgrounds.

The Daily Koala / Via

13. Mashable Australia and reported there would be no more chocolate by the end of 2015.

View this video on YouTube / Via

12. Good old Flora Ploi made an appearance in the Sydney Morning Herald today with some alarming climate change news.

Disturbing #climate change news on p2 today.

11. OzBargain's "Date a cheapo" website advised visitors they could find their bargain-hunting soulmate.

10. This photo of Qantas with a "u" just looks wrong.

Qantas / Via Facebook: Qantas

9. Infamous "Why I Stuck A Cracker Up My Clacker" headline writers The NT News took a brief journey in serious reporting. On "Syria, etc".

Official announcement: we will no longer be using all caps on Twitter. We have decided it is quite immature. 1/2

2/2 we will also stop covering croc and quirky yarns. We will now pick up the slack of serious media outlets who have lost their edge.

8. A media release from The Australian Sex Party introduced The Sex Pistols 2.0.

7. Lots of people fell for Penguin Teen Australia's news about a new John Green ebook...

Exciting news: @PenguinTeenAus will publish ebook by @johngreen. The story of Augustus Waters and Caroline Mathers

...including several of John Green's publishers.

My American publisher and several of my international publishers fell for @PenguinTeenAus's April Fools Day joke.

6. Deal website Groupon announced an auction for Tony Abbott's "pre-loved" budgie smugglers. We'll probably pass on those.

5. Students were enraged at this false promise from Sydney University.

Facebook: sydneyuni

4. While ASOS infuriated the anti-hipster masses with this atrocity.

The game changer: clip-On Man-Buns, coming soon.

3. Flight Centre's "Cargo Class" totally looked more comfortable than economy.

Facebook: flightcentreAU

2. Kia's "Start with a smile" technology fooled a bunch of people. "What if you're feeling grumpy?" asked commenters.

Facebook: KiaAustralia

1. The Big Vegemite fooled many – including media organisations – but, alas, won't *actually* be joining the Big Banana, the Big Prawn and the Big Merino. What a let down.

Have you heard? Something BIG is coming to Melbourne in the shape of a 60m tall interactive Vegemite jar. Who's keen?