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29 Struggles All Girls Who Went To Boarding School Will Understand

Get ready for tinea!

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1. The food is often really questionable.


Especially on Sundays, when it's basically all the weekend leftovers put together in one dish.

2. But keeping food in the communal fridge is an equally dangerous endeavor.

3. Without a parent to help mend your clothes, you’re forced to turn to other means...

4. staplers to keep up those pesky skirt hems.

Why actually hem your school skirt when you have a stapler? #CatholicSchoolGirlProbs

Or duct tape. Or gum. Shhhh.

5. And using permanent texta to color in smudges on your school shoes.


Seriously, who other than ~parents~ owns actual shoe polish?

6. If you get lumped with the bed closest to the door, you have to yell “Don’t come ‘round!” before you strip off and get changed.


But once you live in a room with someone for a couple of weeks, you just give up. “I’m naked, whatever.”

7. In fact, you learn that privacy is a privilege, not a right, pretty damn fast.

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8. The actual worst is rocking up at the bathroom in a towel in peak shower time only to find all the cubicles are full.


9. And someone stealing your towel while you’re in the shower.


10. Also, if you lose your thongs – get ready for tinea.

11. You regularly have fire drills – not to mention actual evacuations – from your own home.


12. Trying to use Facebook when it’s blocked during certain hours is a CONSTANT struggle.


You know every damn proxy website there is.

13. And there is a constant fear the school’s internet monitoring will come back to bite you one day.

14. The school nurse has seen so much bullshit in her time that it’s basically impossible to fake needing a day off.

In fact, half the time when you're actually unwell, you have to go to school anyway.

15. You have to go to chapel every week. Or every day, depending on how religious your school was.


And joint chapel with the nearby boy's school boarders is the most awkward thing ever.

16. Mandatory study after dinner is the longest two hours of your life.


17. You become a window-minimising ninja from closing whichever game the boarders are currently obsessed with whenever a tutor walks by.

Seriously, boarders are AMAZING at Bubble Shooter.

Seriously, boarders are AMAZING at Bubble Shooter.

18. The boarding house is ALWAYS NOISY.


Singing, yelling, crying, screaming, speakers blaring, trombone practice, phones ringing, the house PA blaring. If you want quiet, literally just leave.

19. And finding a place to just be by yourself for a little while can be hard too.


20. Handing in your phone and laptop overnight is the most heart-wrenching moment.


21. Getting approval to go out on the weekends is the most convoluted process in the world.


And if you want to hang out with a boy, or drive with a friend on their P-Plates, or get home after curfew – forget it.

22. When you fight with your bestie, there’s nowhere to escape to.


But then you see them again at breakfast, and lunch, and dinner, and study prep – so you just have to get over it and move on.

23. When you have a crush on someone it’s even worse. You literally have to live with them.

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24. And if you’re actually gay, people assume it’s just because you boarded at an all girls school.

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25. If you're from the country, all the day girls think you're a massive bogan.

And you pretend to be offended, but you secretly wear it like a badge of honour.

26. And some of them think you were sent away to boarding school because you were a problem child.


27. The teachers feel sorry for you, as if you’ve been totally neglected.

28. But even though living in a boarding house drives you up the wall sometimes...

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29. ...your boarder friends are your true squad – and living with them is the best.