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17 Things You Only Understand If You Grew Up On An Australian Farm

It's the sweet life. Maybe also a weird life.

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1. You learnt to drive age 11 in your family's paddy basher ute.

2. And nailed your P's test the day you turned 17.

Fuck yeah, heading into town without Mum or Dad!

3. Your bus to school took at least two hours.

C'est pas moi je le jure /

And you didn't get home until dark.

4. You spent your weekends herding sheep.

5. Using a sheep rattler.

Yes, you really did coax sheep into different paddocks using old tin lids threaded onto a bit of wire.

6. You loved stepping on baby paddy melons.

The 'POP!' is just so satisfying.
Cavanaugh Chase / Via Twitter: @search

The 'POP!' is just so satisfying.

7. And cracking open the big guys, too.

Ed Dunens / Flickr: blachswan / Creative Commons

8. For fun, you threw rocks in the dam.

Who needs movie theatres, or shopping centres, or friends, right? RIGHT?

9. And once you got older, learnt to skip them.

At which you were a total boss.

10. You nurtured, named and bottle-fed poddy lambs.

11. But had no qualms whatsoever about eating them.

Two words: fucking delicious.
toyohara / Flickr: toyohara / Creative Commons

Two words: fucking delicious.

12. Getting mail delivered every day was a crazy and mythical concept.

Doctor Who / BBC / Via

13. So was ordering delivery.

Aol / Via

Pizza places kind of draw the line at driving 50km.

14. And so were high-speed, unlimited internet plans.

Gilmore Girls / Via

15. When you talk to city people, you say "near [insert big town]" instead of where you actually grew up.

Blazing Saddles / Via

It's just so much easier.

16. Being in the city can feel like being trapped.

Matilda / Via

Even if there is a tiny little bit more to do.

17. So sometimes, you've just gotta head back to the wide open spaces.

Nothing beats that country air.