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America's Roasting Of Australia Just Got A Lot Easier With This Kangaroo Superbowl Ad

"Do you want to pet my roo? Does that actually work in Australia?"

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This ad for Australian wine yellow tail aired during the Superbowl. Please watch it.

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It comes after a big week for Australia, following reports that US President Donald Trump blasted Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull during a phone call.

Consequently, a lot of people have a lot of feelings about this ad.

The Yellowtail Super Bowl ad humiliated my country more than Trump ever could.

On behalf of Australia I apologise for that YellowTail ad. Also please don't drink yellowtail #SuperBowl

So let's unpack it. To start with, it includes the line: "If you see a roo at a party, it's a good party." This is not true.

PSA for Americans: If you come to a party and there is a kangaroo there, do not approach the roo. Leave the party.

The roo is then seen at a BBQ flipping rissoles (or "patties", as Americans call them) onto the ground.


The roo had a few fans at this point...

I'll kiss the roo @yellowtailwine

... but others were starting to find it kind of unnerving.

Stop motion taxidermy kangaroo is nightmare fuel. #SuperBowl

This scene, where it goes all Fatboy Slim at a party, did not help.


It led people to roast the roo's weedy arms.

Yellowtail, have you ever seen a kangaroo? They are way more jacked than that #Yellowtail #SuperBowl

And express general distress at the thought of a roo DJ-ing.

The idea of a kangaroo DJ-ing a rooftop party gave me a seizure. #SuperBowl #SuperBowlCommercials #yellowtail

Many saw the ad as an act of war.

Why is the Super Bowl airing an ad from Australia, America's greatest enemy

Wow, even Australia trolling the Pres by getting kangaroos in an ad #SuperBowl

Or leapt at the opportunity to roast Australia further.

After that Yellowtail ad, I can almost understand why Trump hung up on Australian Prime Minister #Superbowl

so was that yellow tail Australia ad made before the phone call or after or what

What hurt USA / Aussie relations more, Trump or that Yellowtail ad? Yikes.

I may make an angry call down under after that Yellow Tail ad

Others had suggestions for how to improve the ad.

.@yellowtail_aust yo next year just show Jesinta Campbell doing a 30sec goon layback

That Yellowtail kangaroo seems way cooler than @duncanroo #SuperBowl

And some were just like NOPE.

Somebody ACTUALLY thought that making a kangaroo puppet the center of a #Superbowl ad?? Seriously Yellow Tail.

But most of all, people planning a visit to Australia should know:


Do not head to the beach and ask the nearest girl: "Do you want to pet my roo?"

Guys-I don't recommend the using "Pet my Roo" Line #YellowTail #Fail #Superbowl

It is not an Australian pick-up line.

How many drunk frat dudes are going to start using, "Want to pet my roo?" as a pickup line?

Seriously, don't try this.

#SuperBowl Do you want to pet my Roo? Does that actually work in Australia?

It very likely will not end up like this.


Lane Sainty is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Sydney, Australia.

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