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24 Pictures That Define The Great Umbrella Massacre Of 2015

You can't stand under my umbrella, ella, ella, because it's f**king broken.

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1. Hundreds of abandoned umbrellas lined the streets of Sydney on Tuesday morning.

It just one of those days #SydneyWeather #rain

2. Utterly defeated by the extreme rain and wind battering Sydney, the umbrellas lay in tatters, rejected by their once-loving owners.

3. People tried in vain to avoid the downpour under their rapidly disintegrating shelters.

"@Wildeturkey: The look on the face under this umbrella must be joyous... ☔️ #sydney #SydneyRain #SydneyWeather "

4. But most Sydneysiders had some variation of this happen to them.

Sydney weather 2. Umbrella 0. Lost 2 umbrella in 2 days. #SydneyWeather #SydneyStorm #Sydney Need #bluntumbrella

6. Or even this.

Brendon Thorne / Getty Images

7. Many umbrellas didn't survive the deluge and were left to ponder their fate on Pyrmont Bridge.

Neil Monteith / Facebook

8. Some people took the opportunity to turn their destroyed umbrellas into art.

Tuesday morning, fallen umbrella. #sydney #streetphotography #vscocam #iphone6 #skwrt #rain

9. While others called for a reinvention of this obviously flawed product.

10. And some battled on, doggedly ignoring the fact their inverted umbrellas offered little protection from the elements.

Paul Miller / AAP IMAGE

11. Hundreds of people threw out the now-useless contraptions.

12. They were in heaped piles at train stations.

Umbrella graveyard at the train station. #SydneyWeather

13. Shoved into 140 litre garbage bins.

This Sydney weather is an umbrella manufacturer's dream. #aapweather

14. Cuddled up with coffee cups in street bins everywhere.

They finally gave up #umbrella #Sydneystorm

15. And tossed away in fits of frustration to lie sodden on the sidewalk.

Queens Square is one of the windiest places in Sydney. Spotted around 30 umbrella corpses this morning. #weather

16. Picturesque umbrella bins made it to Instagram.

17. While others were just a tangled mess of metal and plastic.

18. Ruined umbrellas were around every corner.

#umbrellageddon. A #sydneystorm tragedy

19. Some were elegant in defeat, while others looked utterly destroyed lying prostrate on the pavement.

20. This umbrella – and probably its owner – will never be the same again.

21. Some had their fabric ripped away entirely, leaving just a skinny metal skeleton.

Redfern is an umbrella graveyard this morning (feat. guest installation from some fallen trees)

22. This umbrella found peace ensconced in a bed of leaves in the gutter.

23. At Sydney University, bin covers designed to deter ibises were blown off to accommodate the sea of discarded umbrellas.

24. And this umbrella owner probably wasn't singing as they got drenched en route to work.

If it's raining tomorrow, maybe pick up one of these instead.

Hoping for a better outcome today #SydneyWeather