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This May Be The Youngest Ever Same-Sex Kiss On US TV

We live in a wonderful world. Also, spoilers.

ABC Family show The Fosters has screened a kiss between two 13-year-old boys, delighting fans of the groundbreaking show that follows a family of five biological, adopted and foster children parented by lesbian mothers.

The kiss is believed to feature the youngest participants in a same-sex kiss in US television history, according to this tweet by the show’s creator and EP, Peter Paige.

Youngest same-sex kiss in US television history? #Jonnor #FostersSocialHour

For months now, Fosters fans have been eagerly following the friendship between Jude Foster and his schoolmate, Connor. Jude was adopted by mums Stef and Lena after a difficult upbringing in various foster homes with his sister Callie.

The show has slowly developed a beautiful friendship between Jude and Connor. In one of their first scenes together, Connor wears nail polish to school in solidarity after Jude is bullied for painting his nails.

It soon becomes clear that Jude has some pretty deep feelings for Connor. In "Adoption Day" he asks Lena when she knew she was gay, and tells her that he got jealous about Connor going to the movies with a girl.

With fans now well and truly cheering for #Jonnor, their love story takes a serious turn in "Someone's Little Sister" when they share a tent at school camp. Neither go into detail, but it's pretty clear something happened.

In "Light of Day", Jude and Connor had some seriously cute pinky-holding in the movie theatre, sandwiched by girls on either side.

But it wasn't until the most recent episode, "Now Hear This", that all was revealed. Jude decides he can't take the ambiguity anymore, and asks Connor what the hell is going on with them.

"You kissed me! Remember? In the tent? And then at the movie theatre you held my hand. And now all day you've been...I just... I don't get this. I don't get you."

And then Connor kisses him.

Fans of The Fosters are REALLY HAPPY.

The kiss that broke the Internet?! #Jonnor #FosterSocialHour ” promoting all types of love👬 my favorite couple

I'm not over the #Jonnor kiss and I don't think I ever will be #TheFosters

I can die happily at anytime now knowing they've finally kissed! #Jonnor


Hooray for #Jonnor!

Do you know of any shows that have screened even younger same-sex kisses? Let us know in the comments!

Oops: The pinky-holding moment happened in "Light of Day". An earlier version of this article said it happened in "The Silence She Keeps". Sorry!