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This New Film Tells The Stories Of Kids With Same-Sex Parents

"What we're trying to do with this film is give people a really honest insight into the world of same-sex families."

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Gayby Baby, an Australian film about the children of same-sex parents, will premiere this April at the Hot Docs Film Festival in Toronto.

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The film follows children of same-sex families – referred to as "gaybies" – and interviews them about their families and experiences.

Director Maya Newell, who was raised by two mothers, told BuzzFeed News she hopes the film will start "a tide of narratives" about same-sex families.

"In this last week we've had Dolce and Gabbana, we've had David Gend and the Australian Marriage Forum... a score of horrendous comments have been made about families like mine," she said.

"But what we're trying to do with this film is give people a really honest insight into the world of same-sex families that's told by the kids, and I really hope that people stop talking about same-sex families and their children and start listening to them."

Newell describes the four-year filmmaking process as "a labour of love".

"We're still finishing the final touches, it'll be finished in a couple of weeks and will be ready for April 29," she said. "It's very exciting to have the premiere at such an amazing festival at Hot Docs."

The 2015 Hot Docs festival will be opened by Tig Notaro, an out gay American comedian. Newell said there was a big community of same-sex families with children in Toronto, and that she was "very excited to connect up with them".

The release of Gayby Baby follows Newell's Growing Up Gayby, a 2013 documentary on the same subject which screened on the ABC in 2013.

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Newell said Gayby Baby will be available for Australian viewers towards the end of the year, with updates available on the film's website.

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