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Channing Tatum Perfectly Responded To A Question About Sandra Bullock And The Zombie Apocalypse

"She's dealt with asshole men in Hollywood for so long, zombies are like nothing."

In a recent Reddit AMA, Channing Tatum said he would survive a zombie apocalypse by heading to Sandra Bullock's house.

His reasoning – that Bullock is "dope and kick-ass" – was already pretty good. But earlier this week on Late Night with Seth Meyers, the Magic Mike star provided an even better justification.

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"One, because she's a boss, and wouldn't you want to go to her house, just in general?" he said.

"I just figured she'd have a fully stocked fridge, and a really cool bar."

And then Tatum dropped this bomb: "She's been a woman in Hollywood and dealt with a bunch of asshole men for so long, zombies are like nothing."

Great call, Tatum. Great call.