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Yet Another Government Minister Has Become A Meme

Now it's Mathias Cor-meme's turn.

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Mere hours after a cascade of Joe Hockey memes dominated Twitter, yet another Coalition front man has stepped into the internet spotlight.

Have your questions answered tonight as @albericie discusses the #Budget2015 with @MathiasCormann on #Lateline

Mathias Cormann, the minister for finance, is unsurprisingly slated to appear on ABC's Lateline tonight, after the 2015 Budget has been announced.

However, the graphic above sparked numerous questions from Twitter users – and many were less than relevant to the Coalition's planned reforms.

Some were at least budget related.

@PatrickPG What brand of cigar will you be smoking after the budget speech? #askCormann

Are we allowed to double dip crackers at the Treasury after party? #askCormann

Two roads diverged in the road and I, I took the one less travelled by. Will these roads be fixed in this budget? RE

Which is Pyne's favorite nursery rhyme to hear before cabinet meetings? #askCormann #lateline #Budget2015

While others dared to dream big, asking Cormann the broader questions about life and society.

what is the ultimate crime??

What can change the nature of a man?

Out of invisibility and flight, which super power would you choose?

How do whales even fit in the ocean they're so big

@ABCNews24 @albericie @MathiasCormann Why can't I tickle myself?

Several people inexplicably thought Cormann might be able to help them with various culinary dilemmas.

@ABCNews24 @albericie @MathiasCormann should one use beurre d'ardenne or mantequilla de soria when making Eggs Woodhouse? #archers #auspol

Red or white with fish?

Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable?

There were Voldemort comparisons...

@ABCNews24 @albericie @MathiasCormann where are your remaining horcruxes?

...nursery rhyme references...

Have you seen the Muffin Man? #askCormann #lateline

...and plain old pleas for life advice.

Should I buy a Chrysler?

Some thought a left-of-centre approach was the best way to get to know the real Cormann.

Someone gives you a calf-skin leather wallet. How do you react?

what is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

Is it true you approach women at bars, tell them you're the "Fine-Ass Minister", and you want them in your portfolio?

But in all seriousness – and budget issues aside – we're waiting to hear Cormann's take on this contentious issue.

Who's better - Golden Retrievers or Labradors? #askCormann