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    Here Are The 23 Funniest Tweets About The Bonk Ban

    #BonkBan was trending immediately.

    For the past week and a half, Australia has been talking about deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce's affair with his former staffer, Vikki Campion.

    And then on Thursday afternoon, the prime minister made an announcement: the #bonkban was on.

    After somberly announcing that the deputy PM had behaved extremely badly, "appalled all of us", and caused deep hurt to his family, Malcolm Turnbull went on to announce changes to the ministerial standards.

    "I don't care whether they are married or single ... They must not have sexual relations with their staff," he said in an extraordinary press conference.

    BREAKING: New ministerial standards will ban ministers from having sexual relations with their staff

    Here are the best tweets about the ban on ministers having sex with their staff.


    Breaking: sex banned in parliament LESS TO COME


    New signs already in place at Australian Parliament House: #bonkban


    Future Ministerial Statement: I am returning to the backbench so I can spend more time having sex with my staff.


    I'm implementing a ban on myself ever fucking a minister


    Marvellous, bold work from the PM, banning fucking without the need for a plebiscite

    6. The journo who broke the Daily Telegraph story, Sharri Markson, got a mention.

    Ministers can no longer shag their staff. This will be known as Sharri's Law.


    If anyone needs clarifying what constitutes sex, as a lesbian I have the authority to tell you the answer is all of…


    What a discourse, what a time to be alive #bonkban



    So if you want to have sex with a member of your staff you... have to get them a job in someone else's office...


    Barnaby when asked if he'd breached the Ministerial Code of Conduct #bonkban



    The ban would not be necessary if we only ever elected people who nobody would want to have sex with. Which is what…


    I'm actually on a lifetime bonk ban


    gutted for the staffers who only took the job to try and acquire the coveted smooch of George Christensen

    16. Instead of BREXIT, it's SEXIT.

    And so with the bonking ban, begins SEXIT. #auspol


    The US is getting a wall. The UK is getting a Brexit. Australia is getting a #bonkban


    I'm old enough to remember when Malcolm thought sex between consenting adults was fine #bonkban


    Kevin Andrews MP wants to know if he can still go cycling with his mates on the weekend #BonkBan


    Surely instead of a #bonkban we could just order every MP to hang a picture of Peter Dutton in their bedrooms. If t…




    it is illegal to nut within 100km of parliament. harsh but fair

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