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15 Issues That Matter To LGBT Australians Beyond Marriage Equality

Not being able to get married sucks. But it's just one of many conversations.

We asked attendees at Sydney's annual Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Fair Day what LGBT issues meant the most to them, with one catch: they couldn’t answer marriage equality. These are the topics people wished got more attention.

1. Queer youth homelessness.

All pictures Anna Mendoza / Buzzfeed

2. Safe and supportive spaces for LGBT people.

3. Stereotypes.

4. Discrimination on many fronts against transgender and gender diverse people.

5. Encouraging young people to accept others and themselves.

6. Acknowledging and making room for diverse notions of sexuality that come from Indigenous cultures and people of colour.

7. Support for all LGBT people, no matter their background, location or age.

8. How ignoring LGBT experiences affects victims of rape and sexual assault.

9. Laws requiring surgery for transgender people who want to legally change their sex.

10. Accepting difference within LGBT communities.

11. High suicide rates among transgender youth.

12. Ensuring young people feel comfortable in their own skin.

13. Loving and accepting LGBT children and family members.

14. Nursing homes and aged care facilities that welcome LGBT seniors.

15. Ensuring Australian classrooms, playgrounds and corridors are safe for LGBT kids.

What LGBT issue means a lot to you?