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Andrew Bolt Accidentally Forgot To Say "Person" And Called Someone "A Gay"

"Met by a gay."

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Conservative columnist Andrew Bolt has described the partner of the Australian ambassador to France as "a gay".

The ambassador to France, Stephen Brady, and his partner Peter Stephens have been in the spotlight this week after Fairfax revealed Stephens was asked to "wait in the car" rather than greet Abbott on the tarmac in France on Anzac Day.

Bolt, arguing against the implication that the incident was motivated by homophobia, said "If you believe reporter Peter Hartcher, our Prime Minister decides mid-flight he doesn't want to be met at the airport by a gay."

Regardless of your interpretation of Fairfax's story, it's fairly well established that LGBT people prefer to be termed, well, "people".

Even "a gay person" would have been OK.

All better!

HT @Mikey_Nicholson