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An Australian Anti-Marriage Equality Group Has Likened The U.S. Supreme Court Ruling To Slavery

These guys are reaaaaaaaal mad.

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The Australian Marriage Forum (AMF) has responded to the US Supreme Court decision saying states can no longer ban same-sex marriage. And they're really, really angry.

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President David van Gend labelled the decision an "historic act of social self-mutilation" and accused the West of having "moral dementia".

Australian Marriage Forum

And then he just went for it.

"Five judges in 1857 imposed the racist abomination of the Dred Scott decision on all the states of the Union," van Gend said.

"Just as the five judges in 1857 were so degenerate as to enshrine slavery in the Constitution, so five judges today enshrine sodomy in the Constitution. The fallout for the moral culture of the US and for the education of children is incalculable."

In 1857, the US Supreme Court ruled against Dred Scott after he attempted to sue for his freedom. In a 7-2 vote, the court said African American people were not American citizens and therefore could not sue.

"The Supreme Court's slavery decision was eventually repented of and reversed, just as the homosexual 'marriage' decision will have to be repented of and reversed – but after how much social damage is done?" van Gend asked.

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The AMF have previously sparked controversy with marriage equality comparisons, saying the reform would create another Stolen Generation.

The Stolen Generation is a term for the thousands of Indigenous Australian children who were taken from their families under government policy from 1909 to 1970.

"In Australia, same-sex couples are free to live as they choose, but they are not free to choose a motherless or fatherless existence for a little child," van Gend said on Saturday.

"Nor are they free to impose homosexual values on our children and grandchildren in the school curriculum, which is what laws for same-sex 'marriage' have done overseas and would do in Australia too."