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New Name For Adelaide Nightclub Slammed As "Transphobic"

A controversial name change has attracted criticism.

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People have slammed the rebrand as "racist" and "transphobic", saying it appropriates South East Asian culture and is disrespectful to transgender people.

The term "ladyboy" refers to a Thai gender identity. It is often understood in the West to mean transgender women, but has a complex and culturally specific meaning in Thailand and other parts of South East Asia.

In Australia, the term is offensive and considered a transphobic slur.

People have criticised the name change on the Tijuana Showgirls Facebook page and on Twitter.

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Y did Tijuana Showgirls (Adelaide club) change it's name to a transphobic slur #stupid

The fact that none of this nightclubs supporters can understand how goddamned offensive this is, is mind boggling.

The new club is set to launch on Saturday night, with management yet to respond publicly to the criticism.

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