18 "Just To Feel Something" Jokes That Are Very Much The Mood Right Now

    It's safe to say we're all getting a LITTLE bit stir crazy in here.

    1. Some people are setting new challenges for themselves:

    day ? of quarantine: my sister and i mixed together a 1,000 piece puzzle and a 500 piece puzzle just to feel something

    2. Some people are really letting it all hang out:

    just peed with the door wide open. just to feel something.

    3. Others are risking brain freeze to shake things up:

    4. And some are just extending the definition of their one walk a day:

    Might walk 2.1km just to feel something

    5. Some of us are on the verge of getting reckless:

    so bored I might start a fight with my man to feel something

    6. This genius person is turning their feelings into food:

    sautéing onions and garlic just to feel something

    7. Honestly...pure entertainment:

    pretending i don’t know who David Attenborough is on Hinge just to feel something

    8. *Carly Rae Jepsen's "Party for One" plays in the background*:

    might go sit outside and pretend i’m queuing for a concert just to feel something again

    9. This person just hurt every writer's feelings:

    just wrote a 3,000 word story and then deleted it all just to feel something

    10. And this person is treating themself to that third (or fourth) cup of coffee:

    overcaffeinating for no real reason. just to feel something. heart palpitations, anything

    11. To be fair, listening to "Heroes" by David Bowie on loop is pretty therapeutic:

    watching the perks of being a wallflower tunnel scene over and over just to feel something

    12. Some people are partying like it's 2007:

    me and the boys boutta put on 2 girls 1 cup just to feel something. this quarantine depression hitting hard.

    13. Some of us are heading "out" for the night:

    did I do a full face of makeup just to go drink in my living room to feel something again? yes

    14. And some are simply embracing the new normal for doing a weekly shop:

    so bored ima just go to the grocery store and sit in line for 8 hours just to feel something

    15. Turning to some light entertainment:

    I'm gonna watch Chernobyl again just to feel something

    16. Composing that "u up?" text a bit early in the day:

    Was gonna try sexting someone to feel something and then remembered it was 9am

    17. Really living life on the edge:

    day 1038743 of quarantine. sleeping on the other side of the bed to feel something

    18. But hey...let's not go too wild:

    turned the sound back on for my phone notifications. just to feel something