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How Well Do You Remember The Lyrics To “Crazy In Love” By Beyoncé?

♫ Got me looking so crazy right now! ♫

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  1. crazy, girl; boy
    hot; boy; girl
    crazy, boy; girl
    hot; girl; boy
  2. look; stare; two; three
    look; stare; three; four
    gaze; look; two; three
    gaze; look; four; five
  3. pride; presence
    pride; love
    ignorance; presence
    ignorance; love
  4. in love; your touch
    your touch; in love
  5. your love; page
    your love; your kiss
    your touch; your kiss
    your touch; page
  6. save me; looking
    save me; feeling
    love me; feeling
    love me; looking
  7. friends; Converse
    friends; Tennis
    family; Converse
    family; Tennis
  8. that; but
    that; though
    then; though
    then; but
  9. Forget; G
    Forget; B
    Check; G
    Check; B
  10. phoneys; genuine
    phoneys; great
    monkeys; great
    monkeys; genuine
  11. Beyoncé; she
    Jay Z; he
  12. name; young
    name; old
    nickname; old
    nickname; young
  13. foolish; worst
    foolish; best
    crazy; worst
    crazy; best
  14. mind; Hey
    mind; Bee
    care; Bee
    care; Hey

How Well Do You Remember The Lyrics To “Crazy In Love” By Beyoncé?

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