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    • KylieBayer

      I got this full back piece after a thoracotomy to remove a grapefruit sized tumor from a nerve near my spinal cord. I found out about the tumor a month or so before a study abroad trip in Mexico. I decided to distract from the giant scar on my back with a Mexican styled tattoo celebrating the death of Pearl, that nasty tumor I decided to name before my trip. She’s all filled in now, the process took over a year. Tattoo is an original design by Mod of Modzilla Tattoo Studio now located in Thailand. At the time, the Mod was tattooing at Tiger Lily Tattoo in Portland, Oregon.

    • KylieBayer

      As a junior in college, I moved into my first apartment in Monmouth, OR, where I lived on the bottom floor of a two story building in apartment 3B. My entryway had cobwebs and moths so, being a resourceful 20 year-old, I vacuumed up all of the bugs. In addition to being resourceful I was also orderly and remembered to put the vacuum back in the closet. As I was putting the vacuum away the moths began to escape and flap around my tiny apartment.  I picked up the vacuum to see what the hell was going on and spiders dropped from the end of the vacuum and dangled in front of my eyes. There were nearly 20 insects in the inside of my apartment and I was completely alone, responsible for killing them all. After I killed everything I sat on the floor and drank boxed wine until I forgot about the whole ordeal.

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