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    Jon Hamm Is The Star Of Canadian Commercials For "Skip The Dishes" And Americans Are Confused

    If we have to deal with it, so do you.

    Maybe you've heard of Jon Hamm. An American acting icon, as some would say.


    Best known for his roles in Mad Men, Bridesmaids and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

    But lately he's been getting a lot more attention for the acting work he's been doing in my home and native land of Canada β€” a series of commercials for food delivery service, Skip The Dishes.

    Jon and I are on TV nonstop in Canada but NONE OF YOU AMERICANS KNOW THAT! #jonhamm #skipthedishes

    And let's give it up for the real star of these commercials, Brandon (aka Monty Geer).

    They're all pretty hilarious.

    My most recent Skip the Dishes commercials started airing πŸ‘πŸ» Monty in Canada is doing much better than Monty in America #canada #canadian #toronto

    Twitter: @MontyGeer

    But they run non-stop on every network 24 hours a day.

    Canada has a lot of mixed feelings about these commercials, which we've been dealing with for the past number of years.

    If anything, the sheer dumbness of the Jon Hamm Skip the Dishes ads has convinced me that I need never use them, or anything like them, for that matter, just out of sheer spite for insulting our collective intelligence.

    Twitter: @ironymug


    Twitter: @no_name_fran

    Day 17: 491 What does Skip The Dishes have on Jon Hamm that would make him agree to this?

    Twitter: @zetafiction
    Twitter: @JackTGreen

    And recently, Twitter user @acechhh wanted to make sure our friends south of the border were made aware that these ads do exist.

    americans need to be aware that jon hamm does skip the dishes commercials in canada

    Doing the lord's work.

    And Americans, rightfully so, are very perplexed.

    Twitter: @Captkindawesome

    watching canadian tv is such a trip like things are so normal but then slightly off. jon hamm in an ad about delivery food but it's for......"skip the dishes"??

    Twitter: @halcyonsparkle
    Twitter: @manitobamichael
    Twitter: @ChrisDStedman

    And even after a few years, I guess Canadians are still perplexed – mostly by the wardrobe choices.

    @acechhh this outfit has very big kelowna energy, skip the dishes is also huge in bc so probably intentional but regardless, jail

    Twitter: @migc33

    Don't shoot the messenger, Kelowna.

    But it's okay, cause Mad Men alone won't pay his bills.

    Jon Hamm with his Skip The Dishes residuals

    Twitter: @mikeystephens81

    Well, now you know America... and you're welcome.


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