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Jun 3, 2019

11 Signs You're Finally Comfortable In Your New City

Ahh, the big city: mind-numbingly terrifying...until it suddenly isn't!

1. Your maps app is now only your fifth-most-referenced cellular application.

Comedy Central/ GIPHY / Via

Well, let's celebrate that!

2. You've got your online food order down pat.


Few things feel as synonymous with "home" as knowing exactly where to snag a basket of disco fries at midnight on a Tuesday.

3. When someone asks if you want to meet at "the park," you know exactly where they'll be.


You know, the park! Near the store!

4. You're on a first-name basis with the local coffee shop employees.

Vh1/ GIPHY / Via

And you know that Jennifer makes the best macchiato.

5. You can finally hail a cab! By yourself! In the rain!

Lifetime/ GIPHY / Via

That's something to post about. That's something you did post about.

6. You've reached the point that specific landmarks bring back a slew of memories from your personal history with the city.

Netflix/ GIPHY / Via

Lots of mixed emotions there.

7. You have a designated first-date spot.


It's probably very cute and also close to your apartment. But not, like, too close. You need space!

8. If a tourist stops you on the street to ask for directions, you're now confident you can legitimately offer them assistance.


Sure, other locals may overhear you and do a little "👀" but this is your moment, not theirs. And they can walk south to catch the A before transferring to the C and getting the heck out of your business!

9. You're no longer absolutely terrified of public transit...

Comedy Central/ GIPHY / Via

...during normal operating hours!

10. And when construction gets in the way of your usual commute, you've got several backup routes stored mentally at your disposal.


Your brain...she's a labyrinth now.

11. When friends and family come to visit, you're equipped with several local restaurants and landmarks to make them "ooh" and "ahh" in revelry.

Bravo/ GIPHY / Via

Yes, you are truly "cosmopolitan" now.

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