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Get Drunk At Work On A Tuesday: A Snapchat Challenge

It's exactly what it sounds like, and the results are pretty much what you would expect.

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You've taken the first essential step toward the ultimate goal of becoming your best professional self. (Reading this post. That's the first step.)

Step 2? Learn the rules of the Get Drunk at Work on a Tuesday Snapchat Challenge.

1.) Get drunk at work on a Tuesday.

2.) Complete the Snapchat challenges, listed and demonstrated below.

3.) Don't get fired.

That's literally it.


Let's review:

- Make it be Tuesday! Tuesday is scientifically proven to be the worst day of the week.

- Get thee to drunk! Studies show that alcohol can reduce Tuesday suck levels by up to 38%.

- Do what is said, hence! Four out of five scientists agree that you should stop being a literal weenie and do the goddamn challenge.

- Do *clap* Not *clap* Get *clap* Fired.

Here we go!


The only requirements here are to get everyone's attention and announce it's someone's birthday. If you want to use it as an excuse to buy an ice cream cake, that's your business.


That's it! You're the proud owner of a top-notch Snapchat Story. Now sober up — there's an all-hands at four, and "appropriate work behavior" is on the agenda.

Can't stress this enough: