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15 Things That Have Happened Since A British Man Won Wimbledon

Andy Murray is the first Brit to make the Finals in 74 years, and he'll have a chance to do what hasn't been done since 1936. Since then, a lot has happened. World War II, for example!

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2. Three British monarchs have held the throne.

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Edward VIII took the throne in January 1936 and abdicated in December to marry the American Wallis Simpson. George VI reigned from 1936 to 1952, and his successor, Elizabeth II, still holds the throne.


5. England won a World Cup.

The notoriously futile English national soccer team is more successful in the sports' biggest competition than their tennis players are at their domestic tournament. This says a lot. England won in 1966, with Geoff Hurst (who has since been knighted) scoring the only hat-trick in the history of the World Cup finals. Guess where that Cup was held? That's right: England.