How Chandler Bing Are You?

Could you BE any more like Chandler?

  1. Choose all that apply.
    1. Humor is your defense mechanism.
    2. You speak fluent sarcasm.
    3. You’ve dated someone in your friend group.
    4. And tried to hide it from the rest of your friends.
    5. But they eventually tricked you into telling them.
    6. Your parents are divorced.
    7. You’ve gone through an identity crisis and switched careers.
    8. None of your friends can describe your job.
    9. You’ve been trapped in an ATM vestibule with a celebrity.
    10. You’ve had a pet chick and/or duck.
    11. You still hang out with your best friend from college.
    12. And your roommate is also one of your best friends.
    13. But you’ve also had a creepy roommate [who might’ve watched you while you sleep].
    14. You have commitment issues.
    15. You’re bad at giving out advice.
    16. But no one really pays attention to you, anyway.
    17. Sometimes you wonder what it feels like to not be crippled by fear and self-loathing.
    18. You don’t have the best of luck.
    19. When you first meet somebody, it’s usually panic, anxiety, and a great deal of sweating.
    20. You don’t always say the right thing at the right time.
    21. And you ramble on and on when you’re uneasy.
    22. Until you were 25, you thought the only response to “I love you” was “Oh crap.”
    23. You’re afraid of the future.
    24. You’ve dated your best friends’ sibling.
    25. You’ve relocated for work.
    26. You’re afraid of the Lord of the Dance.
    27. Foosball is one of your favorite games.
    28. You’ve spent an entire day in a recliner.
    29. You’re an only child.
    30. Your roommate owes you a LOT of money.
    31. You can’t cry.
    32. And usually keep your true feelings to yourself.
    33. Sometimes you say things without thinking because your mouth has a mind of its own.
    34. You can’t dance.
    35. You have a complicated relationship with your mom.
    36. You have a complicated relationship with your dad.
    37. You have a funny last name.
    38. You’re OK with swallowing your feelings, even if you’re unhappy forever.
    39. You worry about ending up alone.
    40. You’ve helped a friend move furniture (like a couch, for example) into their place.
    41. You say more dumb things before 9:00 a.m. than most people say all day.
    42. You make jokes when you’re uncomfortable.
    43. You’re hopeless and awkward and desperate for love.
    44. You think gum would be perfection.
    45. You avoid helping out at Thanksgiving by pretending to like football.
    46. And Thanksgiving is also your least favorite holiday.
    47. You’re embarrassed when your friends act like major tourists.
    48. You write down your jokes so no one can steal them from you.
    49. You’ve eaten food off the floor.
    50. You love bubble baths.
    51. You don’t move on Sundays.
    52. Sometimes you like to hold tiny objects and pretend you’re a giant.
    53. You don’t like puppies.
    54. You’ve dressed up as a pink bunny for Halloween.
    55. You’re embarrassed of your middle name.
    56. You’re missing your pinky toe.
    57. You have… “a quality.”
    58. You know how to pluck eyebrows.
    59. And you’ve plucked your friends’ eyebrows for them.
    60. You’re the funniest person in your group of friends.
    61. And are threatened by other people who make your friends laugh.
    62. You’ve quit smoking but secretly still love it.
    63. You’ve accidentally volunteered to do something you don’t want to do because you fell asleep.
    64. You’ve had a crush on your best friend’s significant other.
    65. You’ve dated your best friend’s significant other after they broke up.
    66. You’ve gone to extremes to show your friend you care and are sorry for hurting them.
    67. You don’t know how to smile in pictures.
    68. You have a big heart.
    69. You always support your friends in everything they do.
    70. Because your friends are basically like your family.

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