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26 Times Nicki Minaj And Meek Mill Redefined Relationship Goals

♫ She was the baddest, I was the realest, we was the flyest... ♫

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Way back in 2010, Meek Mill was just a guy from Philly with a dream.


And now he's shown us all that we can turn our dreams into realities.

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Because Nicki + Meek are the CUTEST couple and redefine relationship goals on the regular.

1. Like when they shared this cute moment courtside at an NBA game last season.

2. And when they showed off their softer, sweeter sides.

3. When they made hand-holding look like the most BAMF activity of all time.

Seriously, PDA has never looked so cool.

4. When they were so sexy that it was also cute at the same damn time.

5. When they were really, REALLY happy to see each other after being apart.

6. When they reminded us mere peasants of the other fabulous couple they double-date with.

7. When they didn't care about what the haters were saying.

8. When Nicki showed off her new bling, courtesy of bae.

9. When they perfected the art of the couple selfie.

And when they did it again.

10. When they stared into each other's eyes and nothing else in the world mattered.

11. When they both served epic side-eye at the same time without even realizing.

12. When Meek made this joke about wanting to be with Nicki.

13. And when Nicki made this joke about Meek wanting to be with her.

14. When they both looked effortlessly flawless and put all other couples to shame.

15. When they performed their hit single "All Eyes On You" together onstage.

16. And when they showed us what it means to be the baddest, flyest, and realest couple all at once.

17. When they filmed a music video for their romantic love song.

And it looked like they barely needed to act at all.

18. When they acted goofy in public because they're cute like that.

19. And when they acted goofy in private...'cause they're cute like that.

20. When Meek's smile said it all.

21. When Meek romantically bought Nicki flowers from a street vendor on their way home.

22. And when even their feet looked cute together.

23. When Nicki's fans had jokes and she happily embraced them.

24. When they mean mugged harder than any couple in history.

25. When Meek knew he was the luckiest guy in the whole world.

26. And when they were basically the cutest couple of 2015.


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