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    26 Times Willow Smith Was The Most Philosophical Person On Twitter

    Move over, @officialjaden.

    1. On existence:

    Existence is a game that never ends but is always beginning.

    2. On the journey of life:

    Life is about transforming blocking rocks, to stepping stones.

    3. On health:

    Organic shouldn't even exist. We should all be eating real food.

    4. On the power of thought:

    Your mind is a maze. The exit is enlightenment.

    5. On empowerment:

    it's not about lifting everyone. it's about giving people the freedom to realize their inner light and lifting themselves.

    6. On reality:

    we're sitting in a circle, we're sitting in a circle.

    7. On love:

    love is the only thing we can perceive that transcends all dimensions

    8. On truth:

    the world is like a pimple, everything is about to explode and release the truth onto everyone's patios.

    9. On sexism:

    The day that women can casually be topless and not be raped or degraded will be the day that women will be equal in society.

    10. On consciousness:

    we are all just a higher consciousness fragmented vibrating in a third dimensional form

    11. On lone consciousness:

    I was gone away under a rock somewhere in an infinite universe a macrocosm in the big picture of nature and spirit a lone consciousness

    12. On potential:

    the infatuation of what a person "could" be or "could" do

    13. On higher powers:

    how come every one on this planet knows we're just a floating sphere in space and still questions the existence of a higher power.

    14. On naiveté:

    The Unexpected Virtue Of Ignorance

    15. On somberness:

    well I guess we're just some melancholy souls...

    16. On perception:

    reality should be the same word as perception

    17. On patterns:

    Our biggest failure is to see patterns.

    18. On freedom:


    19. On life:

    20. On beating the system:

    once u stop playing the games. they don't exist.

    21. On being:

    You are All That Is, experiencing All That Is, for All That Is, with All That Is.

    22. On actuality:

    image and being are two different things

    23. On the purpose of life:

    consciousness is all that is and nothingness as well

    24. On the idea of magnitude:

    everything small is a small version of something big

    25. On egos:

    The ego is false. If you live according to the false ego, your whole life will remain false.

    26. On the universe:

    we all live in a huge crystal ball

    All hail Queen Willow.