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UConn Students Applaud ‘Rape Trail’ Shout Out At Timeflies Concert

Four days later, two women reported being sexually assaulted.

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Vocalist Cal Shapiro rapped a freestyle and included all UConn-specific references. After mentioning UConn's "rape trail," thousands of students cheered in excitement (at the 0:11 mark).

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"How could they shut down Carriage, and what you know, I never save it, we gonna bring it back like the m****f**kin' rape trail."

The Daily Campus, UConn's daily student paper, left Shapiro's "rape trail" remarks out of their coverage of the concert. / Via The Daily Campus

"An especially entertaining part of Timeflies’ setlist was when they did freestyle with UConn’s prominent symbols, such as Wings Over Storrs, Horsebarn Hill, the HuskyTHON and the new logo."

Following the reported assaults, the university sent a [victim blaming] safety alert to students.

(SIDENOTE: It doesn't actually matter how the victims “ended up in the wooded area with the offenders," and there’s no such thing as "non-consensual sexual intercourse.” Rape isn’t sex. Rape is assault; it's violence.)

Luckily, UConn alum Brian Zahn tries to talk some sense into other students at his alma mater on his personal blog.

"If students were truly concerned about the possibility of rapists hiding behind the trees, there would not be cheers. There would be dead silence. Instead, the “rape trail” has been embraced as part of UConn’s culture, a jokey reference to the things that make us Huskies."