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31 Times The "Jane The Virgin" Cast Was Too Precious For Words In 2016

Bless the cast of Villanuevas and co.

There's a lot to love about Jane the Virgin...

...including, but not limited to, how awesome the whole cast is and how much they love hanging out behind the scenes.

Here is just a choice selection of the times these A+ humans brought us all joy in 2016:

1. When Michael (Brett Dier), Rafael (Justin Baldoni), Jane (Gina Rodriguez) posed for this family photo.

2. And another, dressed in their Sunday best!

3. When Dier and his adorable TV stepson shared this musical moment.

4. When Aiden Fernandes, who plays Mateo, served his TV dad some EPIC side-eye.

5. When the Solano/Villanueva family was truly too precious for words.

6. When Dier was the funniest person on set.

7. When the Villanueva women — Gina Rodriguez, Ivonne Coll (Alba), and Andrea Navedo (Xiomara) — ruled all, dressed in old-age makeup.

8. When Rodriguez and her TV nemesis, Yael Grobglas (Petra), hung out as FRIENDS in real life.

9. And when they perfected the art of the selfie.

10. AND when they twerked in between takes.

11. When Eva Longoria directed an episode that Gloria Estefan also happened to guest star in, and there was all of this awesome girl power.

12. And when they proved they're basically the most kick-ass women on TV.

13. When Jaime Camil and Rodriguez proved they're the silliest fictional father-daughter duo.

14. Behold the awesomeness.

15. AND when they solidified themselves as the ultimate lip-syncing champions.

16. When Dier tried to keep up with Baldoni at the gym.

17. When some of the more villainous ladies of Jane the Virgin — Grobglas, Yara Martinez (Luisa), Bridget Regan (Rose), and Azie Tesfai (Nadine) — got together for dinner.

18. And when Grobglas and Martinez even celebrated Passover together.

19. When Rodriguez shared this laugh with her super hot TV professor.

20. When Grobglas and Baldoni spent some family time with their TV twins, Anna and Elsa. (Totally not named after the sisters in Frozen.)

21. When the Villanueva matriarchs shared their glowing happiness with the rest of the world.

22. When Camil and Navedo had this super cute dance off.

23. When Navedo shared this video of her TV grandson quietly eating on set and being absolutely perfect.

24. When Navaro and Grobglas experimented with some Snapchat filters.

25. When Camil and Grobglas rode the NYC subway and mimed out everything that happens in a season of Jane the Virgin.

26. When Tesfai, Grobglas, and Dier displayed their expertise in silly faces.

27. When Baldoni danced around to an original tune sung by Grobglas, called, "Matcha Man."

28. When Coll supported her TV grandson-in-law's fashion choices.

29. When these two were the goofiest cops on duty.

30. When everyone clearly shared a lot of love for one another.

31. And when the cast of Jane the Virgin was the best TV family ever.