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This Spider-Man Comic From 1976 Is Actually A Guide To Safe Sex

“I’ll end your plan to trap young people in ignorance, destroying their lives, and threatening their children’s existence!"

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In 1976, Marvel Comics teamed up with Planned Parenthood and published a special issue of Spider-Man. The reproductive health organization used a classic superhero plot to address the issue of comprehensive sex education, focusing on teen pregnancy, that is clearly reflective of its time period.

Richard Graham, an Associate Professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, told BuzzFeed in an e-mail that it isn't out of the ordinary for Marvel to produce a promotional comics, but "The Amazing Spider-Man vs. The Prodigy" seems different from others. "This is a little out-of-the norm for Marvel," Graham explained. "The artwork is done by a respectable artist Ross Andru, which already sets apart from most PSAs, since these tend to be done on a bidding basis, with the lowest bid getting the contract. Marvel seems to have gone all out for this comic in terms of the talent."

While there doesn't seem to be another joint project from these two organizations, it looks like this wasn't the only time Planned Parenthood used comics as a tool to educate people about safe sex and contraception. In 1956, Planned Parenthood also released a comic about a couple's relationship saved by birth control.


"Pregnancy's good for you — helps your hormones," the villain said. "Even cures up acne, and the best time to have babies is when you're going enough to tell yourself to enjoy them."

After listening in, Spider-Man had enough, "Good grief, I see it all now! This guy's plan is to keep kids from getting facts. They probably don't even know that getting pregnant at their age is risky for mothers and babies."

"...I'm going to tell young people about the glorious, carefree life they're welcome to share in my utopian retreats all over the country," Prodigy thought to himself.


"I'll end your plan to trap young people in ignorance, destroying their lives, and threatening their children's existence," Spider-Man told the villain. "You can't make make kids your robots."



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