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This Bar Rewards Its Customers With Coupons For Not Drinking And Driving

Mack's Tavern in Centerville, Ohio gives their customers $5 off their next bar tab for being "responsible drinkers."

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David Rawson, who went to the bar on Friday, left his car there overnight and picked it up on Saturday morning. That's when he found a $5 coupon on his windshield for being a "responsible drinker."

We want to thank you for not driving home tonight and being a good responsible drinker. So here is a coupon for you to use next time you come in. Again thank you very much we appreciate your business, please come back soon and have another good time!!!$5 off your tab for being Responsible

"I live very close by, so it's an easy decision to leave my car there if I've had a bit to drink, which was the case Friday night," Rawson told BuzzFeed News.

Via Facebook: mackstavern

"I didn't notice the paper until I was driving back home. I didn't think it would be a ticket but wasn't sure, then I figured it was probably an advertisement for something, like a menu from one of the restaurants that also share the parking lot."

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