23 Things You Don’t Have To Apologize For In College

Sorry, don’t be sorry.

1. Going shopping for more socks and underwear so you don’t have to do laundry.

With all the quarters you use to actually do your wash, you might as well opt for brand new undergarments instead.

2. Celebrating Halloween for four nights instead of just one.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Via claireelizabethbavis.tumblr.com

What’s wrong with having an excuse to dress up, party, and have fun?

3. Getting drunk on a Wednesday night.

Universal Pictures / Via televandalist.com

It’s the day before Thursday, so it practically counts as the weekend.

4. Waiting until the last day to add or drop your classes.

MTV / Via weheartit.com

If it’s technically allowed, then what’s the big deal?

5. Going to your friend’s room in the middle of the night to ask for a condom.

Columbia Pictures / Via avangardisme.tumblr.com

At some point, you’ll probably end up reciprocating the favor.

6. The number of people you have (or haven’t) slept with.

20th Century Fox / Via kelmeckis.tumblr.com

As long as you’re practicing safe sex, it doesn’t matter how many people you’ve been with. There’s also nothing wrong with waiting — your sexcapades aren’t for anyone else to judge.

7. Binge-watching Netflix when you should really be studying.

Paramount Pictures / Via socallmemaeby.tumblr.com

Who said Frank Underwood can’t teach you about American politics?

8. Ordering pizza at 2 a.m.

Columbia Pictures / Via famouspeopleeatingpizza.tumblr.com

Sometimes Easy Mac just doesn’t cut it.

9. Switching your major to something less practical but more appealing.

Because it’s OK to study English Literature if that’s what really gets your juices flowing.

10. Going to a specific bar because you saw on Facebook that your crush is there.

A little premeditated flirting never hurt anyone.

11. Taking an extra semester (or more) to graduate.

Lions Gate Films / Via februarycharlie.tumblr.com

It’s way more common than high school guidance counselors let on.

12. Not showing up to class when you know your professor won’t be there.

Paramount Pictures / Via oddjordann.tumblr.com

If they won’t be there, then why should you?

13. Transferring from one university to another.

Don’t think about it like you’re giving up — you’re starting over.

14. Showing up to class in your pajamas.

Universal Pictures / Via the-whovian-smartass.tumblr.com

Because if you pulled two all-nighters in a row and still have the strength to go to class, you deserve to be comfortable.

15. Refusing to leave your bed, responsibilities be damned.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via lowerthat2k.tumblr.com

Take advantage of these days, my friends.

16. Sounding pretentious and philosophical about life.

People will hate you for it post-grad, but your peers might actually appreciate you for it while you’re still on campus.

17. Going back for seconds at the dining hall (and sneaking even more food back to your room).

Warner Brothers / Via triwizzard.tumblr.com

Screw the “freshman 15” — unlimited food at a fixed price should be treated with love and affection.

18. Learning how to be a good DJ, even if your neighbors complain about the noise.

Paramount Pictures / Via batmanormal.tumblr.com

It’s a good party skill to have even after you leave school.

19. Perfecting the art of funneling and every other drinking game.

DreamWorks Pictures / Via takingcandy.tumblr.com

If you’re going to be doing it anyway, you might as well be great at it.

20. Spending more time laughing with friends than updating your résumé.

Columbia Pictures / Via theofficialbreakfastclub.tumblr.com

When it’s all said and done, these are the memories you’ll really want to have.

21. Taking an embarrassing on-campus job.

Universal Pictures / Via beautymotion.tumblr.com

How else are you going to earn money to pay for your bar tab?

22. Daydreaming about traveling the world instead of paying attention in class.

Sometimes daydreams turn into reality if you think about it long and hard enough.

23. And trying really hard but failing really big.

Overcoming big failures is how you actually grow up into the person you’ll be after college.

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