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    16 Things Yankees Fans Are Going To Miss About Derek Jeter

    Thanks for everything, captain.

    1. Since 1995, Derek Jeter has brought nothing but class and talent to the New York Yankees.

    Jim McIsaac / Via Getty Images

    2. And his fans are really going to miss his presence after he leaves the Bronx for good.

    Al Bello / Via Getty Images

    3. Especially the way he walked up to the plate when it was his turn at bat.

    4. Not to mention his wildly impressive skills that allowed him to throw a baseball like this.

    5. He showed undying enthusiasm and encouragement to his teammates.

    Patrick Smith / Via Getty Images

    6. And had a casual way of making baseball history.

    7. Derek was a true winner and always tried his best to bring honor to the Yankee uniform.

    John Mabanglo / Via AFP / Getty Images

    8. And look at that smile.

    9. That charming, boyish smile.

    10. Jeter was a phenomenal shortstop who never failed to give each game his all.

    11. And he showed relentless leadership both on and off the field.

    MLB / Via

    12. Not to mention, his beautiful, perfect, glorious, ass...ets.

    Elsa / Via Getty Images

    13. He was a strong hitter who always came through in the clutch.

    Jim Rogash / Via Getty Images

    14. And earned respect from everyone around him.

    MLB / Via

    15. His work ethic and energy over the past 20 years are unmatched.

    16. And most importantly, Derek Jeter will go down in history as one of the best Yankees to ever play the game of baseball.

    Ezra Shaw / Via Getty Images

    Thanks for everything, captain.

    You'll always have our #RE2PECT.