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Oprah Interviewed The Cast Of "Friends" In 1995 And It Will Melt Your Heart

"These are five people that really, honestly matter to me now."

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In the early '90s, they all co-starred in a TV show together about six friends who live in New York City and go through the trials and tribulations of adulthood.

Oprah interviewed the six actors in March 1995.

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Videos of the interview can be found here, here, and here.

Be still our hearts.


"These are five people that really, honestly matter to me now."

She talked about defending Cox from trouble-starting reporters.

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"I mean, honestly. I can't be funny about this... Sometimes reporters ask questions like, 'What's Courteney like?' And they want some dirt or something. And it just gets personal."

And when Oprah asked if Matthew Perry agreed with Kudrow, he replied, in classic Chandler fashion, with a sarcastic comment.

Matt LeBlanc also spoke about how quickly the cast bonded and became friends.

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"When it first started, I was just really looking forward to getting along with everyone. I think we all sort of came together with, like, an open mind to get along and bond as quick as possible, and I think that's kind of what happened."

Schwimmer explained everyone's hesitations to bond until after the pilot was picked up because of the "reality of the business."

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"The taping of the pilot was probably the first thing. The reality of the business is we don't know if the pilot's gonna be picked up, so everyone was keeping their distance and not really investing too much emotionally in the other people. There's also the other reality that any one of us could be, like, removed after the pilot."

Kudrow said she's nothing like Phoebe, but she obviously really likes her. "She's nice and very fun to play. Really nice person and I get in kind of a good mood if I'm her for a long, long time."

And Schwimmer immediately came to her defense.

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"People don't realize you have to probably be the smartest person in the bunch to play a character that ditzy. It takes a really, really smart person to play someone that, kind of, out there."

If only Aniston had a crystal ball.

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"I still just go to work every day. There are people on the street... but I don't get it as much as these guys, I don't know why... I haven't been bombarded by people."

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