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The Samantha Jones Guide To Having A Bangin' Sex Life

"I'm a 'try-sexual.' I'll try anything once."

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1. Get familiar with how your body works.

2. And share your knowledge with others.

3. Use protection.

4. And go for checkups.

5. Always, always, always get consent.

6. Experiment with new techniques.

7. Learn what your body wants.

8. And try to keep an open mind.

9. Spice up your vocab.

10. Move at your own pace.

11. Find a partner you're on the same page with.

12. Know what you want.

13. And be unapologetic about it.

14. Know your role in a threesome.

15. Love your body. Love yourself.

16. Have confidence.

17. But don't push your luck.

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18. Be honest about your intentions.

19. Communicate with your partner.

20. And say what it is you really want.

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21. Don't shy away from the truth.

22. Explore other options besides your partner.

23. And make time for pleasuring yourself.

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24. Don't do anything that makes you uncomfortable.

25. Make self-love a priority.

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26. And reject other people's judgment and slut-shaming.

Happy intercours-ing, y'all.

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